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A special letter from Val

I received this lovely letter from a beautiful lady who was gifted a copy of My Memory Lane, saying she wanted to buy some more copies of the book to give to her children, she even included a return envelope so I could send her my response! It’s so rare to receive a letter from anyone these days, lucky for me, she had sealed it with a sticker with her name address and home phone number. I called her and had the most amazing conversation with Val, a sassy 80 year old English lady that is using My Memory Lane to write her memoirs, we spoke for over half an hour, she had lots of memories to share, and wonderful feedback for me. It turns out her daughter had purchased the books for her on my website, and she received them in the post today! Val was amazed by my call, and I was amazed by our connection! She lives in my home town, she has travelled the outback of Australia just like me, and is still going on adventures, in her combi camper! Val is a an absolute gem, she reminded me of just how special sharing memories is, and that’s why I created My Memory Lane! My heart is full!

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