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Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Hey Im Jude Chapman, founder and creator of My Memory Lane, Im a West Aussie women, I grew up in the suburbs by the beach in Geraldton, Ive spent the last 8 years living in the Pilbara and traveling the world. But it was in the south of the state that the idea of creating My Memory Lane came to me...

We were camping on the on the Warren River in the South West of WA among the amazing Karri trees... I had already created a notebook for my mum with questions about her life, to bring her back to happier times, and it actually really seemed to help her lift out of her depression, I thought if it could help my mum maybe it could help other people and so the idea was born...

Ive done everything myself from scratch, including this website, learning every step of the way, I created the design of the book, and tailored the questions to help the writer reflect back to happy times in their life, and like my mum, I really hope it's an uplifting experience for everyone and a lovely journey down memory lane...

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