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My Dads story has opened my eyes..

My Memory Lane is a unique product. For want of a better classification, some would call it a book. In a way it is. The beauty of it though, it is a book you create.

My father received his copy and promptly went about answering the questions. Once he was done, he handed it to me and said read it.

Well, I did and what an experience!

In his words, I realised what his life as a teenager was about. Playing games under moonshine (those nights of full moon that everyone plays and listens to stories), his experience living in Australia, his regrets and his triumphs.

By the time I was done, my relationship with my father was instantly different. I saw him not just as a father but someone whose values guided me and how he is who he is.

My Memory Lane is like a lifelong album of words. Highly recommend, as a gift or as one’s reflections.

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